Paddling tour along Krön and Stångån


To be near the nature, to feel the silence and admire the animal and bird life – you can experience this in the best way when you are gliding forward in a canoe. Come along on a fantastic experience, which can get anybody to become a friend of the nature! Krön and Stångån are an amazing paradise of nature, rich on fish and bird life. So keep your eyes open for herons and other species of birds, look for fish in the water and stay by a waterside and enjoy the picnic that you have brought.



The bathing place in Flaka, Juttern, paddling stretch about 8 miles

The camping of Hornåberg, paddling stretch about 14 miles



A canoe for 2-3 persons, a little barrel for camera and mobile phone, life jackets, map, binoculars, picnic package and car transport for the return to Nästegården.


PRICE (value-added tax included;

54 € for the first canoe; 30 € for the second canoe